At H3O, sales + press = volume. What sets H3O apart is its ability to come up with effective solutions to fully realise your brand in Japan.

With its network of the top department stores and most important multibrand boutiques throughout Japan, H3O takes care of every aspect from sales, after sales care, fabric checking and quality control, global shipping, and internal Japanese distribution.

H3O has a flexible attitude that nobody else in Japan can match. In fact, H3O prides itself on its unique approach to sales, reacting to the personality of each individual brand and designer, and making every brand a big success in the massive Japanese market.

Services include:

  • Day to day leasing of samples
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Press Days
  • Event and Production
  • VIP Services and Celebrity Seeding
  • Catalogue shooting
  • Creative Collaborations
  • Social Networking Services

For Tokyo sales enquires please contact: hirohito@h3otokyo.com



  • サンプルリース
  • ブランド・コンサルト
  • プレス向け展示会の開催
  • イベントの企画運営
  • VIPやセレブリティーの手配
  • カタログ撮影
  • コラボレーション
  • SNSを使ったPRサービス