Formulated in the fashion-rich hills of Tokyo's Harajuku and Omotesando districts in 2006 by Jason Lee Coates and Hirohito Suzuki, H3O is a unique fashion bureau offering an integrated solution to sales and communications activities using a comprehensive, bespoke approach. With completely bilingual operations, H3O provides high-level support and strategic advice for its highly curated selection of international brands and clients.

Operating multi brand showrooms in Tokyo and Paris, H3O is at the forefront of fashion, servicing the leading retailers in Japan and internationally by constantly introducing new brands and fostering young design talent.

H3O is a seasoned mix of expertise coupled with savvy marketing, cultural know-how, international experience, a well-trained eye and a second-to-none global fashion network. Tapped directly into Japan and Asia's most influential press, buyers and top retailers, H3O is a breakthrough prescription for success for brands ready to explode onto the Japanese market and beyond.


A Japanese touch with International sensibility








Jason Lee Coates

is a highly sought after and award-winning Australian fashion director, editor and art director who has been in the fashion and publishing industry for over 20 years, based in Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai. The founding editor-in-chief of CREAM. and FHM Collections (Asia) magazines in Singapore, as well as the Fashion and Beauty Director of Motivate Publishing in Dubai, Jason’s unique and extensive knowledge as one of the pioneers of international Asian publishing has had him styling for magazines such as Elle, GQ, Oyster, Harper’s Bazaar as well as international celebrities. Jason brings his unique stylist’s eye to curate the perfect brand mix for H3O, ensuring that H3O carries the right mix of brands of the future.

オーストラリア出身の創業者の一人であるジェイソン・リー・コーツは、H3Oのディレクターと同時にスタイリストとしても活動しています。10年以上日本で在住しており、以前はシンガーポールの雑誌「CREAM」や「FHM Collections」の編集長、ドバイの「Motivate Publishings」のファッション&ビューティーディレクターなど、あらゆるファッションメディアを中心に活躍してきました。スタイリストとしての視点から、世界で成長するポテンシャルを持ったブランドを発掘し、ショールームとしてのH3Oがエキサイティングなブランドラインナップになるように努力を続けています。

Hirohito Suzuki

is a marketing and business administration expert who has been based in Japan, the U. S. and Europe for the last 20 years. Specialising in the marketing of overseas luxury products to the Japanese market, Hiro’s impressive background provides H3O with unbeatable business and event management, and helps facilitate successful brand launches into the Japanese market. Hiro’s experience has had him conducting customer clinics, market research and analysis, and creating competitive pricing proposals for multi-nationals, large department stores and boutique businesses alike. Hiro’s acute knowledge of the Japanese market ensures that all jobs are done on-time, on-budget and with a targeted flair intrinsic to H3O.