H3O knows the importance of PR. It also realises that Japan is a unique market that sometimes throws a curve ball of linguistic and cultural challenges that require a little native help. This is where H3O comes into the equation – with its unique Western/Japanese perspective, H3O is in the perfect position to become the bridge that leads to those lucrative yet elusive big accounts.

With a second-to-none ability to target not only the key buyers and press, but also able to tap into the power of Japan’s most powerful stylists, celebrities and exclusive multi-brand boutiques, H3O is all about a unique form of presentation that thinks well outside of the box. A laboratory of ingenuity, the H3O team is celebrated for its refreshing, informed and upbeat approach to fashion.

H3O is also able to offer unique positioning and branding, making sure its brands are only represented in the top tier of press. H3O also has expertise in visual merchandising, styling, branding, in-store events and window displays. H3O also has the ability to create instantaneous sample reports through its online sample tracking system. Download the latest magazine tear sheets in high resolution, track your samples and check which samples are where, with whom, and when.


As one of Japan's leading retail, fashion and lifestyle consultancies, H3O fuses cutting-edge creativity with quantifiable commerce to consistently redefine the "next big thing". What sets H3O apart is that it is a one-stop shop offering all the answers for brands and retailers. H3O combines a logistics and distribution centre with a multi-services communications and marketing company and is a trusted name with retailers and clients across Japan and internationally. And plus, H3O has great ideas.



H3O's extensive portfolio of clients appreciate the tailor-made services H3O provides. Services include public relations, media planning, media monitoring and reporting, celebrity/industry seeding, event management, brand communication strategy, and social media strategy and facilitation. H3O works closely with each brand to ensure that its overall marketing strategy is reflected seamlessly in the Japanese market, in accordance with its global formula.



H3O is expected to think outside the box, and can come up with successful solutions for styling, creative direction, look books, buying services, trend forecasting and analysis and rebranding and positioning. Just ask us!

H3Oはファッションに関するコンサルティングとして、スタイリング、クリエイティブ ディレクション、ルックブック制作、バイイング、トレンド分析、ポジショニングなど、成功に欠かせない様々なサービスを提供しています。お気軽に、お問い合わせください。